Irondale Snow Day

I grew up here in the mild rainshadow of the Olympic Peninsula where snow is an infrequent occasion through the course of the year.  This year it's snowed four times, including CHRISTMAS!  I really have enjoyed getting caught up in the magic of snow days.  

A couple weekends ago when we had our most recent light snow I got up early to take a walk down to the beach near my neighborhood.  The light dusting over the wet black pavement created some nice visual contrasts.  

New Year's Day at the Edge of the World

My sweetie and I eschewed the parties and headed straight off the grid to celebrate the New Year.  We stayed at the Quileute Oceanside Resort in LaPush, WA, one of my favorite places to stay.  We rang out 2017 with a beach hike on a glorious sunny day, walking beside the water and up and over headlands.  We spent the first morning of 2018 drinking coffee on some frozen driftwood, bundled up to watch the sun, which was rising behind us, hit the tops of the waves in front of us.  I always fall in love with the Pacific Ocean, every time.

I hope you like waves--check out a tiny sampling of my photos from the trip, below.  And what kind of trip to an epic location is complete without a ridiculous self-timer jumping selfie?  Exactly my thoughts, too.

Been a long time gone

I spent the month of October studying yoga in India.  Of course I always had my camera close at hand and was able to take some photos of the gorgeous people of Mysore.  A small selection of these has just been uploaded to the Candids folder on my Portfolio.   Check them out!  

I also had the opportunity to take some amazing photos of the street scenes.  Check them out below.  

I fell in love with Mysore and I can't wait to go back.  The colors, textures, dirt, beauty, and the people, the people, the people.  Amazing.  I've spent the last month slowly getting back into the swing of things at work, and just started picking up my camera again.  Did a fun little family photo session over the Thanksgiving holiday, and have another senior portrait session to do tomorrow.  It feels good to be getting busy again!  

South Early Winter Spire

That backlog of photos is going to get processed THIS WEEKEND, by golly!

Here are a few snaps of my family on a recent climbing trip in the North Cascades.  I am blessed to be surrounded by these beautiful people, and look where we live!!  Aren't I lucky?

The High Divide

I've been busy with portrait sessions, which has been great, but I'm getting woefully behind on my backpacking photos!  Here are a few from a trip I took last month.  We spent six days in the backcountry, going in the Hoh Trailhead in the Olympic National Park, up to the Seven Lakes Basin (which actually contains a few more than seven) and out the Sol Duc.  It was lovely!!!

Finnriver Farm

I've had the opportunity to spend some time lately around Finnriver Farm, and continually kick myself for not having my camera handy!  Well I was lucky enough to be out there on a recent summer evening, after all the work was done, and had a lovely quiet walk around the farm, camera in hand this time.  The low sun gives a soft, buzzy, warm feel to the whole place, and you can kind of feel all the growth happening around you.  

Crescent Beach

Some friends and I went car camping at Crescent Beach, a little gem on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, a few weeks ago.  Beach walking, kite flying, and tidepool exploration are all excellent photo-ops.  Here are a few of my favorites.  

Egg & I Fuschias

While my stated purpose for this website is to display my portrait work and expand my portrait portfolio, my camera does love other things, too.  My friends at Egg & I Fuchsias (and Egg & I Pork) hired me to come out to their farm and capture some of the lush spring growth--in the fields, in the barns, and in the greenhouse.  

It's a beautiful opportunity to visit the place where your friends and neighbors lovingly and carefully grow your food.  I had a wonderful time taking these pictures; I hope you enjoy them!


Welcome to my new website!  I'm still pulling material from different hard drives and computers, so please stay tuned while I build up a fair representation of my work.  

Those of you who know me know that I just finished grad school--now that that's done, I'm so pleased to have the time to pursue my other interests, photography being chief among them.