New Year's Day at the Edge of the World

My sweetie and I eschewed the parties and headed straight off the grid to celebrate the New Year.  We stayed at the Quileute Oceanside Resort in LaPush, WA, one of my favorite places to stay.  We rang out 2017 with a beach hike on a glorious sunny day, walking beside the water and up and over headlands.  We spent the first morning of 2018 drinking coffee on some frozen driftwood, bundled up to watch the sun, which was rising behind us, hit the tops of the waves in front of us.  I always fall in love with the Pacific Ocean, every time.

I hope you like waves--check out a tiny sampling of my photos from the trip, below.  And what kind of trip to an epic location is complete without a ridiculous self-timer jumping selfie?  Exactly my thoughts, too.