Machu Picchu Will Blow Your Mind

Machu Picchu was truly incredible. Getting there was tough, and jostling at the gates with a million other tourists was truly irritating, especially at 0600 am. All the irritation was well worth it, though.

The day was incredible, with dramatic mists rolling rapidly through all morning, bright clear skies for our hike up Montaña Picchu at midday, and then low golden light topped with dramatically dark clouds in the late afternoon. We left the park around 5 or 6 pm. It was a full day. Machu Picchu is small, but the guards keep the crowds moving through. We ended up going through the whole park about three times, I think.

I had a hard time selecting photos to share. I have about five times this many. Lots of duplicates, but so different depending on the location of the sun.

¿Increíble, no?