Ollanta Day Two

Alright, so I'm sensing a pattern here.  One day's worth of photos edited per week.  So at this rate I'll be done with my Peru photos by.... next March?  Hm.  

Our second day in Ollanta started with an impromptu puppet show in the neighbor's yard.  "Corn Guy" explained where he came from, describing the colors of Mexico--a foreign land to his rapt audience.  Puppets always foster such quick human connections.

Then we went up the other side of the valley, checking out the ancient granaries we'd seen from the ruins the previous day, getting incredible views up the valley around the corner, and of course down on to the orange rooftops of the busy town.  

My next post will feature Machu Picchu--and it's truly a daunting prospect to attempt to convey on electronic screens the mystical drama of that sacred place.  Next week, perhaps!