Pisac Ruins

The ruins at Písac are a huge, sprawling wonder. The trailhead was just about a block away from our hostel (have I mentioned yet that it was the best place to stay, ever?). We hiked up, past acres and acres of incredible terraced hillsides, getting an incredible look at the engineering that went into the design of this agricultural feature. There was a small group of crumbling buildings from which we had a sweeping view of the valley, and then we followed a trail up to what had been a temple of sorts—all huge rocks and straight lines, still-functioning water courses, and incredible views down the valley of the town and the Urubamba River. We had brought along our LifeStraw filter bottle and filled up in the ancient Incan fountains—the water was cold and sweet, if not downright sacred. From here we continued to climb, reaching some type of lookout area (elevation 3,525m / 11,500ft!!) and then started down the other side of the hill. We could view some burial chambers carved into the hillside across from us (now off-limits, thanks to looters), and another group of buildings, with more views. We spent about 4 or 5 hours trekking through the ruins, and by the time we got to the end, the wind was blowing and the sun was starting to go down which, at that elevation, precipitates a drastic temperature drop. We shared a taxi back down to the town and set out to find dinner.